Friday, November 21, 2008

Sun-Gu-Lasses, Leaves Falling, and "Thank You Sooooooo Much"

Yeah. Emily tends to -- no surprise here -- translate some words in a funny sorta way. She says she needs her "sun-gu-lasses". Dora the Explorer Target specials. She has two pairs b/c she lost one and have mercy....they had to be replaced. In the meantime, she found the other pair she'd misplaced. Now, one of the coveted cornea coverings has gone missing once again. She says, "I dunno-way." (Chinglish for: I don't know where they are.) Using my best parent/teacher response of having HER be responsible for them, I look at her puzzled, shrug my shoulders and sympathetically say, "Hmmm. I don't know where YOU put them last." Seventy-five thousand "I dunno-ways" later, I am still not giving in to buy her a 3rd pair. I think Chinese water torture doesn't hold a candle to little girl phrases being repeated um-teenth times in a day.

And if being that's not enough, I really cracked up a few weeks back when I hung up the cell phone. (I use an ear piece.) A few seconds later from the back seat of the car I heard a syrupy, satirical "Thank you sooooo much. Thank you sooooo much." Yes. I was being mocked by my own child. Imagine that. Obviously I am unaware of the fact that this is a phrase I use quite often. I do say it --now that I think about it. Sister Girl had zeroed in on it and made a little joke of it all. Mockery at its best. I'll get her back with her "I dunno-way." NOT really.

When I last was weedeating in the yard, I was using a real power tool. This thing even has a name it's so "man oriented". I doubt many females own one like this -- but I want the yard done quickly and easily. Anyhoo, it's diesel driven, heavy, long, and quite effective. Makes bunches of noise. Emily, of course for safety reasons, had to stay inside while I used it. Needless to say, she'd never seen Mommy do something like this and watched me like a hawk from the window. I made it a point to hold that lawn weapon up in the air, lay a hard finger on the gas lever, and emit lots of noise along with the allusion of power. I looked like Zena: Universe Warrior and Goddess. I thought to myself as Emily stared dazingly from the window, "This image needs to be burned into her mind. It'll teach her to mess with ME when she's 16!!"

Ayi Cookie gave her the cutest (but humorously annoying) chihuahua stuffed toy: sombrero and all. Naturally it plays La Bamba when you press a button on its doggie toes. I told Emily if she pushed that button one more time when I was on the phone with a doctor, nurse, or professor...I was gonna snatch that stuffed canine critter baldheaded. It's now banished to the corner of her bedroom. He can come out for salsa 2 times a day. Case closed.

As we were riding down the road the other day Emily gasped and said, "Ahhhhhh. Leaves falling." She's appreciated the beautiful fall we've had. I believe it's my favorite season, but I realize you have to grasp it and hold it tightly in your heart and mind. It's a fleeting season down home in the south. It's here and gone at the first good rainfall that forces the beautiful leaves to the ground. It's been glorious: pumpkins, hay rides, fall flower shows, outside time with friends, brisk mornings, festivals, and all the memories will now cause me to remember these times as life changing. I savor the moments with friends and family who've helped me make this transition in my life and aided Miss Emily in hers. It's been a time to remember. I pray Em's experiences of late will forever be branded on her heart -- knowing that she is loved and part of this beautiful world here in a place called 'home'.

Monday, November 10, 2008

"You Would Cry, too, If It Happened to YOU!"

Anyone remember that oldies song by some girl group? I think it might've been a tad before my time, but I do know that line.

Well, if the shoe would cry, too. Emily had 5 (I shiver as I type that number)...I repeat...5 shots today. She's having to get up to snuff on those so she can attend school, and boy...CATCH UP is no fun, is it? (TB test and Heps included in there. Ick.) She loves the pediatrician. I guess so. It's his nurse who gives the shots but man...she is GREAT. Whips those bad boys out so fast and gets it over with in a hurry. That's what I like. Chop. Chop. Let's get outta here. Headed to an ENT visit in 2 days b/c the darn ear infections that she's had since the day I met her are still lingering. Oh the joy.

As Emily was crying on the way out of the doctor's office, I asked her if she wanted to go home, to McDonald's, to Jamaica for a beach visit (not)...and she stopped crying and said, "Nanny Carol's". We followed NC's car into her driveway just as she was returning home. Phew. NC treated Em to hot tea (She likes that -- I'll take her to see the Queen one day.) and a dollar bill. That pretty much did the trick.

We went to school today for a visit -- before doc visit. I'm beginning to break her in to the concept of "life as she knows it will soon cease to be". Not really. Way back when school was mentioned, she'd wave her hand back and forth as if to say, "Nah. No school for me." Now we are all reinforcing the F word: fun. School is fun. Repeat that after me, "School is fun." She's met a few teachers at her school (me for, and when she saw them today, she recognized them immediately. Once she sees someone, I tell ya, she remembers them whenever she sees them again -- at other places, in other surroundings. Good girl. I look in the mirror sometimes, smile and snort, then realize it's ME I'm looking at. (I do not always adhere to the grammar rule of not ending a sentence in a preposition. I know the rule, but it's my choice if choose to abide by it. So there.)

Gotta cut this short. The Toothless Wonder wants to go to McDonalds and play in the kid's area. Today, her wish is my command. Oops. She just turned out the lights....

Can't see keyboard....bye..........

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When the last tooth fell out she asked, "Trasha?" (trash?) I said, "No. Treasure."

Kourtney the Wonder Girl Fixed the Camera/Computer Issue.

Yep. If anyone can, Kourtney can. That's my new motto. Thanks for the trips over, burning your gas, using your time, & allowing Emily to tickle you. You are super!!

Emily Put Chinese Squeaky Shoes on Sweet Curious George.

Latest News on the Divine Miss Em While I Wait on Camera/Computer to Cooperate.

I've heard a statement that consistency is the key to success. If that's the case, I'm a blog failure.

This is just an update on medical info regarding the little Button Pushing Wonder, Emily. Nothing spectacular so if you're yawning, you'd best come back another time. Kidding.

I KNOW folks wonder what Emily and mom do all day since I'm on Family Leave from teaching school. I sorta wonder myself. In the past, I'd go to Walmart on a Monday if schools were closed and stood in utter amazement thinking, "WHO are these people here, and why are THEY not at work?" (None of my business. They probably work weekends and have off on Monday. So there!")

Emily has been seen by the local pediatrician. He confirmed her ear infection is still intact. Time for another round of antibiotics, and these taste dreadful. I had the prescription flavored w/bubble gum and even went back to the pharmacy to get ANOTHER 'umph' of the Double Bubble Wonder. Still icky if you ask me. Em drinks some chocolate milk. Then, I use a syringe to place the medical magic way back in her mouth. She's good about swallowing and chasing it down w/some more brown moo juice. What a champ she is about this. Totally 'gets' that it's necessary to make her ear get better.

We saw the local pediatric ophthalmic surgeon on Friday. Her eyesight is fine - no overall damage due to the ptosis (drooping eyelids). After the fall-dee-rah there, the final word is that she will need to be worked on by -- not him -- but another doctor who is an ophthalmic AND plastic surgery specialist. THAT expert could not even see me until I go back to work, but we managed to get in a late November appointment. Word is that it'll take insurance 4-6 weeks to approve the surgery, but I would SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO love to have the surgery before the end of the year. I'd even do it over the Christmas break.

We go back to local pediatrician next Monday to re-check the ear & begin the vaccinations that did not "take" in China. Seems that's most of them, but a few were okay from the motherland. LOL! Once vaccines get started, we'll officially register for school.

The Social Worker is coming next Tuesday for the 1st post-placement visit. She's cool -- doesn't even mind the dust. Nanny Carol says, "If you write your name on the dusty furniture, at least don't date it." I'm actually looking forward to sitting down with the SW 'after the fact' and catch up on chatting.

Some of the items on our agenda recently have been:
--bathing the puppy dogs (and explaining to her that this kind of "fun" -- yeah right -- does not have to be repeated every day)
--having a b'day party for Winston, Ayi Cookie's husband
--going to small town America to visit w/friends and WALKING into town to have lunch
--watching the beautiful colors emerge through the trees
--swinging in the park and playing in the sand
--singing "Low, Low, Low your boat gently down the stream....." (Em ain't got quite the hang of the "R" sound yet. Do they have the "R" sound in China?")
--going to Chinese Cultural School one Saturday a month
--managing walking our blind dog and somewhat hyper other pup up and down the street w/out Emily getting tangled up in the leash (a daring feat all by itself)

It's a beautiful time of year. I'm so glad to have t-h-i-s time off to be with Emily as we continue to get to know each other. She is a sweet girl. I cannot wait to see the plan God has for HER life.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Christmas Shopping:
Wouldn't it be wonderful to find one gift that you didn't have to dust, that had to be used right away, that was practical, fit everyone, was personal and would be remembered for a long time? I penciled in "Gift certificate for a flu shot."
-- Erma Bombeck

No. It Wasn't Raining -- But She Likes Having Her Umbrella Just in Case. (Yes. It DID Rain Soon After...). Weather Channel Here She Comes.

Nope. Camera/Computer Still Not Cooperating...BUT...I Finagled Around and Found a Way to Post Some Pics. Check Out One of Emily's "do's".

If It Doesn't Work the Right Way, Then I Usually Find 67 Other Ways to FORCE It to Work MY Way. LOL!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Changin' Stuff Up a Bit....But Not Sure HOW!!!???

I've got lots of cutie pie pics to post, but oh my gosh....IF you think I'm the techno wonder of the world, you're sooooo not right.

Gotta have someone come over and spoon-feed directions to me so I can get the pics from the camera to the blog.

It should NOT be that difficult -- now should it?

Well, 45 minutes later...I best run. Little Miss "Gee I lost another tooth" girl is ready to go home and "sleepy la" as she says.

Back soon and hopefully much smarter.
Yeah. Right.