Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Gotta Love It

Morning Hair

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Keeping Our Hummingbird Birdies Well Fueled

Two Medical Appointments at One Time

Molly's Eye Exam
Ain't she sweet?

Emily WITH CONTACTS in her eyes
Can you believe it?
She got them in and out VERY quickly.

The eye doc said, "IF they're motivated to wear them, folks get it happening fast."

Em is motivated.

Molly is next for her contact fitting.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

We Are Petsitting/Housesitting for 10 Days

Up at 5:00 a.m. - to feed and love on these babies
Heading home to get dressed
So we can all get to school/work
By 7:25

These are family friends who live close by.
That's WHY this is even do-able.

All good.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday Night - This is Our Agenda

The girls' school books, notebooks, DVD's and player.
I check their work on Friday evenings when I'm not at work.

It takes me a while. I go over all their subject area writings, answers, essays, calculations -- 
The girls know I appreciate their meticulous efforts and accuracy.
Their work is so neat!

They take tests and quizzes all during the week, and I check them right away.
They need the immediate feedback and/or correction so they can continue to build their understanding.

The girls are diligent and very responsible in their studies.
I'm so thrilled they're engaged in good solid, academic learning with the foundation being based on Christian principles.

This is not all of Molly's books and supplies. She'd already started packing up.

Keep up the super work!

Labor Day

Mary and Jeff 
They were playing Queen Esther and Mordecai in the van
Rock, Paper, Scissors

Jeff lives on site where I work on sometimes. I worked at the guys home over Labor Day weekend.

Jeff is a dear heart.
I've known him nearly 25 years.

The "guys" went to a baseball game. 
Mary tried DIPPIN DOTS ice cream - for the first time.

Em and Molly stayed with Nanny Carol over the weekend while Little Bit came with me.
The guy's home is not big enough for my whole female gang.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Some Mary-isms

"The butterfly has colors that make the "pregnant-tor" think its poisonous.
The butterfly is the prey."

"Oh. It's the Liberty of Statue!!"

"I like "trishtus" smell from oranges."
-- trishtus = citrus

"Mom - may you may I please take my bowl to the kitchen? It's glass and you said you don't want glass to break.
Did you say that, mama?"

"Thanks-forgiving Day"
= Thanksgiving Day

"Fell her fourth head"
= forehead

"Programs" = Pilgrims 

Me: How do you know that? (Math problem)
Mary: "It's in the number CHARGE."
= number chart 

"Jesus spit and rubbed it on their faces."

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Hurricane Relief Supplies

Mary took the items - cleaning supplies and pop top foods - to the disaster relief truck at mom's church.
Em, Molly, and mom were a part of the contribution, too. They were in other spots, tho.

I'm working this Labor Day weekend (Friday 4:30 pm until Monday 4:30 pm).
I did see the coverage of relief efforts on tv. Tough to watch.

I am a huge Samaratan's Purse fan. Glad they are mobilizing in TX and LA.

These hurricane victims will certainly benefit from Franklin Graham's group!!

Time to let out lights shine!

National Day of Prayer for our American brothers and sisters!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Friday, September 1, 2017

Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Emily

Nine years ago I met my dear Emily.
What a day it was!
I am so thrilled you call me Mama.

I love you, precious girl.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Mary's Enrichment Class

And I am their teacher...
That's what cha get for going to school where your mom teaches!

I taught Emily and Molly, too.

Years ago - Molly was in the class with the big sister of Maria (bottom left/blue shirt).

Super group!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Hand Feeding Chase (our doggie)

I said, "Don't let him eat too fast, please."

Mary said, "I won't, mom. He's eating at his own paste."

Friday, August 25, 2017

A Day in the Country

How you'd like to have a flat tire with that bad boy?
It's goes on a farm combine, and it's huge.
We had the great pleasure of meeting the folks who are responsible for putting air
In that thang.

These are pics and comments I've been meaning to post for a while.
Actually I DID post them....but I had too many pics, and they'd never upload.

We had too many pics cuz we had too much fun.

This was back in July from our "travel around the south day" -- with good buddy Melzana. Mom was with us. We made special memories for sure.

We got to meet Melzana's darling double named sister, Jane Hart (I mean. How southern is that?), the hubbie - Danny the Dog Whisperer (two angel baby labs), and one of their handsome My Three Sons - David the Farmer.

Sweet, sweet folks
Just took us all in
Cooled us off
Let us sit in their porch swing...hanging inside their den
While taking in a phenomenal farm view 

Yep. Them 'er corn shucks.

We got the number one tour from the number one expert, David. I'd not met this farmer hubby and dad before but have prayed for his sweet daughter and family.

These are my Green Acre Girls pleasantly squeezed in to the cab of a smaller John Deere.

Speaking of G Acres --

Remember how Gabor in her chiffon flowing outfits would call out to her husband?

Molly, Emily, and Mary - takin' a spin
David was driving, or at least I hope he was.

I like this picture so much.

It's Melzana and the girls walking on the very property where she grew up.
That's her childhood home.

It was a great day -- meeting super folks
and being with family and friends.
Mel - you're the best!!

2 Stuffed Horses, 1 Dog, 1 Cat

Mary placed her stuffed critters on baby blankets, and real critters joined the posse.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Pasta Salad Making

Broccoli Cheese Bite Prep

Not cat in the cradle 
Cat in the picnic basket

Monday, August 21, 2017

You Betcha We Did!

We had the bonafide approved glasses.
These 2 went outside - during homeschooling.
Nanny Carol had her pair, too.

Mary attends school where I teach.
I went and fetched her from class, got her glasses on....and let her peek-n-see.

She watched a bit of local live streaming, too.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Our Little Celebrity

Mary's pic is on a billboard (a high reader for summer reading program).

And her pic is on the cover of a publication manual in the district where I teach (where she attends school).

We bring "multiculturalism" to the table.

I may be biased, but she brings "cuteness", too. 

Thanks, Anne B., for the Starter Plant

I'd say it's flourishing!!
Yee haw.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Taking Care of Business - from 4:00-6:00 p.m.,

Yearly eye exam for Emily
Molly's is in a few weeks.

I could've had them at the same 3:30. 
That would've meant leaving work a little early.

Don't want to do that IF I can help it.
Too much to do there.

I could get 4:00 appointments on different days.
More running around and being away from home (homework time, cooking dinner)
I asked for this option.

The girls help fill in the gaps.
Prepare dinner
They do soooo much to assist.

We got home at 6:00....but on schedule the remainder of the eve.

We ate, cleaned up, and tended to critters.

I read to the girls.
Had a short devotion time.
Got folks in bed.
All good!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

When We're Together - Hold the Wonder of the Moment as the Moment Passes By

We traveled to another state yesterday - for a day trip to check on Uncle Ray - our Gentle-est of Gentlemen.

He has recently moved from his home to an assisted living facility.

I've shared many happy occasions in his home - with family....some here and those who've 'moved to heaven'.

But now -
I'm keenly aware it's the end of an era in life - his life and mine.

As we've all been living, loving, sharing -- time has marched on. Here we are.

Yesterday I fought  back tears, but I was terribly unsuccessful!
My emotions were more FOR Uncle Ray - a widower whose own children -- two boys born with special needs -- are in heaven

I was in his home along with his sister, Gloria, gathering a few treasured items -- lovely little dishes and hand painted items created by Aunt Ann

It was my last time to be there - to see some of his possessions that I've been familiar with for years.
The last time for mom and my girls, too.
So glad they were with me

I could still remember the laughter and love that rang throughout those walls for years and years as family would sit at the table and talk (all at once) -- savoring each bite of Aunt Ann's steaming hot, scrumptious dishes.

Uncle Ray was quiet at the table - and most other times, too.
That's just his personality.

I remembered past visits.
The afternoon smells of coffee 
The mounds of dishes to wash
The stories relayed
The gifts given 
The long goodbyes

I remembered how I felt when there.
Cared for

Moments Matter - and we savored them yesterday.

I took the girls to a Pho restaurant and ordered carry out.
Enjoyed Vietnamese food

Chopstick Girl

Another Chopstick Girl

....and then there's Little Miss Fork User

(song by Mark Harris - check it out on You Tube)

I’d like a castle on a hill, Where you and I could spend the day… 
And I’d love to go where time stands still, And all that doesn’t matter fades away 
You are here with me… 

And I would love to dance with you under the big blue sky, 
we hold the wonder of the moment as the moment passes by

When we’re together…